June 15, 2008

Our First Writing Initiative Faculty Institute

Professor Mitnick responds to a question.
Our first annual Writing Initiative Faculty Institute was held June 9-12, 2008. The four-day institute was hosted by The Writing Initiative with the targeted audience of faculty and support staff who will be directly involved in developing the Writing Intensive courses that are at the center of the Initiative.

Though only three courses are scheduled to launch as Writing Intensive this fall, we invited 23 faculty members who have been involved with writing on campus and have shown an interest in developing a WI course in the future.

Through a combination of hands-on and informational sessions by the Initiative,  PCCC staff and guest speakers, we hoped to inform and prepare faculty for the curricular redesign and implementation of Writing Intensive GenEd courses.

Professor Nesius discussing eTutoring protocols.

We surveyed attendees about the sessions and here are the results that received a 25%+ response, in order:


1. LibGuides
2. Using Rubrics
3. Creating assignments
4. Using media
5. eTutoring
6. WebCT
7. Creating rubrics
8. WI requirements
9. Holistic scoring
10. ePortfolios


1. LibGuides
2. Media sources
3. ePortfolios
4. Creating assignments
5. Writing in the disciplines

The clear winner in popularity was the use of LibGuides. They are one of the technology tools we plan to use with Title V courses, but they are just one tool in that effort and like other tools, they certainly have usefulness for the larger PCCC community. They are a good example of aspects of the grant that we are able to financially support that should help the academic community at large.

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