August 20, 2010

Putting the Lib Into Our LibGuides

This week I offered a LibGuides Advanced workshop for the PCCC Librarians.

Librarians have been a part of the Initiative's use of the guides since we started using them in 2008.

Starting with the PCCC Library's own LibGuide, we introduced them to the software.

Glen Bencivengo was the "early adopter" on the library staff and he created the original guide for the first Writing Intensive course we developed, Western Civilization II.

The plan has always been that every WI course would have a LibGuide that would be created as a collaboration between the faculty redesigning the course and the librarian who works with that subject area.

A number of guides have been created by the library staff and I used that group as a sounding board for developing a list of beginning and more advanced LibGuide skills for workshops that I plan to offer this fall to our college community.

In this advanced group, we focused more on design elements, formatting, HTML code and scripts.

My own guides includes a meta-guide on using LibGuides that I use for training and workshop presentations and that has also been used by other colleges as a starting place for their guides.

The LibGuides software encourages sharing guides and content. When you create a new guide, it asks if you want to use another guide in the system as a starting place and offers you a way to ask permission of the owner.

Currently, there are 104,451 guides by 22,921 librarians at 1580 libraries worldwide. Even if you don't subscribe to the service or create your own guides, they are a tremendous resource for students and faculty at the secondary and higher ed levels.

Here are some examples of LibGuides that focus on the "lib" part from our staff:

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