September 14, 2010

Free Books

Most of us eventually seem to collect more books than we actually need or want. Donating books is a direct and cost-effective way to help students, schools, libraries, and literacy organizations.

The local library seems like a logical place to donate used or unwanted books.

While many organizations appreciate a donation to a used book sale or book drive, most libraries are very selective about how many and what kinds of books they will accept into their collections. It requires time (and therefore money) to process books into a library’s cataloging system, and each library has to balance its unique collection development needs with limited physical space.

One of the PCCC librarians, Joseph Petta, has actually created a guide to donating books. The PCCC Library regularly offers a cart full of books that have been weeded out of the collection and they are inevitably taken by students by the end of the day.

The PCCC Writing Center also has a free books effort  with several shelves of quality fiction and non-fiction books that students may take when they visit the Center.  Make the Reading - Writing connection and drop by to pick up a book!

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