March 21, 2011

Who Is Visiting This Blog?

It is interesting to look at the usage logs for this blog to see who is visiting our blog's site.

Although the blog is aimed specifically for the Passaic County Community College community, we expected that eventually online searches would lead other people to us.

We hope that like-minded people at other schools who are doing similar initiatives might eventually contact us and perhaps even collaborate with us.  (See our Connections site)

Our Writing Initiative involves not only our writing-intensive courses, but also critical thinking, information literacy, portfolios and several technology initiatives (including ePortfolios, course capture, and LibGuides)

Most of our traffic comes from New Jersey, but we get almost half of our U.S. traffic from outside NJ.
Visitors - Hello, Islamabad!

We also have an international readership (as shown below).

Visitors ranked by countries
The majority of visitors find us via our Writing Initiative website or the Writing Center website.

Fewer find us through the college's website than find us via a Google search. Popular search terms that have led people lately include: course capture, community college, writing, faculty development, college writing exam, PCCC, writing initiative, promotional magazine and spring break.

An impressive number of people find us by the links we have on our Facebook page - so social media does work!

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