July 27, 2011

Science Writing Intensive

In Fall 2011 the Writing Initiative will be piloting two new writing-intensive science courses.

Biology I and Intro to Microbiology will join Biology II and Environmental Science, bringing the total number of science writing-intensive courses to four.

Microbiology, BS 203, is the first 200-level science course to be offered as WI. Prof. Anne Loving, who is developing the course, has said that this new course should be helpful to nursing students in particular, as most of their general education courses focus on math and science.

Biology I is being developed by Prof. Megan Sloan, and will complement Biology II, which was developed and piloted by Prof. Ida Greidanus in Fall 2010.

For more information about BS 203 WI, go to http://pccc.libguides.com/bs203

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