July 10, 2012

Writing Across Disciplines Workshops

This past year, The Writing Initiative team has been presenting full day events for faculty in all academic disciplines who are not teaching writing-intensive courses.

Our next WAD Day is this Friday and another event will be held on August 10. These sessions have filled very quickly (a generous stipend of $250 for the day provided by our grant certainly helps).

The objective of this full day Writing Across Disciplines workshop is to have more instructors, particularly adjuncts, incorporate writing into their courses. Preference is given to instructors teaching courses that already encourage writing in formal and informal ways.

Based on the best practices that have emerged during the four years of the PCCC Writing Initiative, we discuss how to use, assign and evaluate writing that occurs in different disciplines.

The workshop includes an overview of the goals of the Initiative and our writing intensive courses. In a roundtable, seminar-style, we address:
  • What do you do with writing in your classes now?
  • Using formal and informal writing
  • Creating effective writing assignments
  • Incorporating information literacy and critical thinking
  • Responding to and grading student writing - for content and for writing
  • Writing Resources available to you and your students at PCCC

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