January 3, 2011

January Seminars for New WI Faculty

This week (January 4 and 5), we will be holding our seminars for new Writing Intensive faculty in the Paterson Writing Center from 9 - 3 pm.

This two-day seminar is for faculty taking on a section of an already developed Writing Intensive course, and teaching WI for the first time

The topics covered over the course of the 2 days will include:
  1. Writing Initiative goals and requirements
  2. The Writing Initiative Teacher's Handbook 
  3. Using the Writing Center
  4. A review of the existing WI course materials: syllabus, assignments etc. and suggestions for revisions and additions.
  5. Using the 3 initiative rubrics for assessment
  6. Components of the formal versus informal writing assignments
  7. Incorporating critical thinking in writing
  8. Incorporating information literacy in writing
  9. Hands-on session using the course LibGuide and making additions to it (links, resources, media objects etc.)
  10. Student portfolios: why we use portfolios, use of the eFolio product, sample student portfolios, grading strategies.
  11. Online support for online course sections and all students.
  12. Using Writing Center tutoring and eTutoring
Information on faculty development in writing at PCCC is at  http://pccc.libguides.com/writing/

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