February 18, 2011

Electronic Portfolio Use at PCCC

Writing Intensive students at PCCC have been using an electronic portfolio product called eFolio since 2008.

The Writing Initiative has played a very important role in making the case for portfolios as a means of campus-wide assessment. The use of portfolios is slowly taking root in the campus culture. Faculty outside the Writing Initiative – including those in areas such as Early Childhood Education, English, and the College Experience - have successfully piloted or will pilot eFolio in their courses.

As a result of these efforts, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs has outlined a five-year, three-phase plan to adopt portfolios for assessment in several academic programs.

This year the Writing Initiative team is implementing strategies to increase use of electronic portfolios, including hiring a faculty mentor for portfolios, and discussing best portfolio practices at the Faculty Institutes. 

As the number of WI sections has increased, the Initiative team is unable to go in-person to the 20+ WI sections each semester. So, we have developed a set of online video tutorials recorded with Echo360 lecture capture technology. The short, highly specialized tutorials are available to students 24/7/365. Follow-up in-person eFolio sessions are conducted as needed, and students with eFolio questions can drop in or schedule an appointment with Ken Karol. In addition, all WC tutors have also been given training in basic portfolio use so that they can assist students if necessary.

Here is a presentation we made at the 2010 NJEDge.Net Faculty Best Practices showcase about the ePortfolio soft launch at PCCC.

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