February 21, 2011

Faculty Workshop: Writing Assignments that Work

Writing Assignments that Work
Presenter: Elizabeth Nesius
Date: Tuesday, 02/22/2011
Location: Paterson Room (off the cafeteria)
Time: 3:30- 5:00

This workshop will focus on creating writing assignments designed to produce the best writing from your students. When students struggle with writing, there is often more going on than just the writing. Some students may have trouble reading and interpreting what you want them to do. The first way to help students write better is to create clear, engaging assignments.

A variety of writing assignments in different subject areas (as well as ones that can be used in multiple areas) will be presented, but please feel free to bring your own assignments - either ones that need to be reworked, or ones that have met with success! We will be sharing ideas and helping each other.

This is a collaborative workshop, so feel free to come late and/or leave early as your schedule allows.

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