May 12, 2011

New WI Faculty Institute

The next Writing Initiative Faculty Institute will be held May 17 &18 from 9am – 3 pm in the PCCC Writing center.

This Institute is for faculty developing or taking on new sections of WI courses for Fall 2011. This group includes three new WI courses being piloted next semester: SO 102 Institutional Racism, MA 101 College Mathematics I and BS 203 Microbiology. New WI instructors will also be taking on additional course sections of Intro to Literature and Western Civilization I.


  • The Writing Initiative Teacher's Handbook
  • Writing Initiative goals and requirements
  • Using the Writing Center and online resources for online and face-to-face course sections
  • Using eTutoring
  • A review of the existing course materials: syllabus, assignments etc. and suggestions for WI revisions and additions.
  • Hands-on session using LibGuides and making additions to it (links, resources, media objects etc.)
  • Student portfolios: objectives, use of the eFolio product, sample student portfolios, grading strategies
  • Formal and informal writing
  • Responding to and grading student writing for content vs. for writing
  • How to evaluate writing for critical thinking and information literacy using the rubrics and templates
  • Initiative assessment of WI Courses

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