May 31, 2011

What Do Students Think of the Writing Center?

 PCCC Students come to the Writing Center for one of several reasons. They may be taking a WI course and are required to come for an assignment. They may be taking a WI course and just want a little extra help with their papers. They may be preparing to take the CWE (repeating or for the first time). They may attend a workshop. Or, maybe they have taken a WI course at some point in their college careers and want help with some other writing, whether for a class or for another purpose. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

How much do students feel they benefit from the services the Writing Center has to offer? Students are given a survey that asks that very question after every workshop and session with a writing consultant. For last academic year (Fall 2010-Spring 2011), about 19% of students who came to the Writing Center were not required to do so. Whether required or not, all students reported that they were satisfied with the service they received, with 92.5% saying they were very satisfied. About 83% said they intended to come back for more help in the future.

The survey also gives a space for students to write their own suggestions for improvement of the Center. The most frequent suggestion was that the Center provide more hours of consulting for students, including late nights (we are currently open until 8) and Saturdays. Other suggestions, such as providing more practice topics for the CWE and more materials on the writing process have already been put into place.

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