January 25, 2012

2012 Diana Hacker TYCA Outstanding Programs in English Award

Passaic County Community College's Title V Writing Initiative is the winner of the 2012 Diana Hacker TYCA Award for Outstanding Program in English for Two-Year Colleges and Teachers!

PCCC's “Increasing Achievement and Program Completion through Curriculum Reform” program has been selected as the exemplary program in the category of Fostering Student Success.

As stated on NCTE's website, "The Diana Hacker TYCA Outstanding Programs in English Awards for Two-Year Colleges and Teachers is given annually and honors two-year teachers and their colleges for exemplary programs that enhance students’ language learning, helping them to achieve their college, career, and personal goals."

The awards focuses on programs—broad initiatives—rather than single classes or classroom strategies. Programs may be exclusive to the discipline of English or work in combination with other disciplines, college services, or community and workplace groups." Each year submissions are evaluated and up to four awards are given.

The Writing Initiative at PCCC program is being honored "for the creative response to the challenges of educating two-year college students and for demonstrating professionalism in the commitment to educating diverse student populations."

 Winners are deemed to have the following:
  • thoughtful responses to the educational needs of diverse students
  • creative and innovative strategies that solve problems and provide solutions which go beyond the usual borders and cross traditional lines
  • success in meeting goals documented by both evaluative qualitative and quantitative research
  • exemplary programs that can be shared so that other teachers and colleges can benefit by adopting or adapting them
  • collegiality and collaboration among those who participate in or are affected by the programs
  • sensitive to the educational, cultural, ethnic and business community
  • pedagogy informed by sound language theory and practices. 

The Title V Writing Initiative team includes Greg Fallon, Associate Dean for Learning Resources and Project Director Title V, Ken Ronkowitz, Director of the Writing Initiative, Elizabeth Nesius, Writing Center Coordinator, Martha Brozyna, Writing Center Educational Specialist and Ken Karol, Technology Resource Specialist.

Fallon, Ronkowitz and Nesius will receive the award at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) on March 24th in St. Louis. In addition, the winners will be published in the journal, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and regional TYCA and NCTE newsletters.

For additional information on the PCCC Writing Initiative   www.pccc.edu/initiative

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