January 3, 2012

Institutionalizing the Writing Initiative at PCCC

During Year 4 (2010-2011), the Writing Initiative had a focus on the institutionalization of the Initiative efforts beyond the end of the grant in Fall 2012.  Determining how the Writing Initiative efforts will continue once grant funds are no longer available and what resources, personnel and services the College is willing to support are our primary concerns during this fifth and final year of the grant.

We have met or exceeded the goals set forth in the grant for Year 4 and implemented some activities that were not part of the original grant but have been warranted by circumstances and opportunities. For example, the expansion of faculty professional development by joining with the College Writing Committee in offering Roundtables, the continuation and expansion of the Year 3 “Connections” and additional support for the College Writing Exam (CWE) are all extensions of the original goals.

The Writing Center has been booked fully for the current staffing and hours the past year.  The original intent of the grant was that the Center would transition from a potential client base of about 1000 students who have taken a WI course to serving the entire college-level community of approximately 4000 students at the three campuses.

The College’s Academic Council Constitution went through a revision this spring and changes to committee duties currently performed by Initiative staff members indicates one direction the College is likely to take after the grant.

The Initiative team has created a best practices sustainability plan that examines the mission and objectives, personnel, and budget concerns for the Writing Initiative, and we will be posting information about that plan in upcoming post here.

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