February 16, 2012

Who Works in the Writing Center?

PCCC's Writing Center is staffed by a talented group of individuals from all different areas of expertise. All are experts in writing in various forms and use their talents to help students one-on-one, in small groups, in workshops, and online. Furthermore, they're a fun bunch who help take the stress out of writing for our students and out of running a successful writing program for faculty and staff.

Elizabeth coordinates the Writing Center, which means she doesn't get as much time to spend with students. She makes sure that global issues in the Center are taken care of, such as consultant training, and she also handles student complaints (not that there are many!).

Martha manages the Writing Center, so she also doesn't see as many individual students as the rest of the team. Martha makes sure that every day in the Center runs as smoothly as possible, including consultant agendas and emergency assistance. Her background is in history, and she is bilingual, speaking both Polish and English, both of which make her sought after by many of our students!

Latoya is one of our senior consultants. She is a fiction writer and also teaches in the English Department. She has become the face of the Initiative on our Passaic campus, teaching Intro to Lit WI every semester. No only does Latoya meet with students; she has also developed curriculum and materials for many of the writing workshops  we offer. In addition, she works with new consultants during their training. She serves as an example, mentor, and source of wisdom. She's always ready to help out.

Mike is our other senior consultant. He and Latoya started around the same time and have been with us the longest. He covers evenings in the Center (and is a teacher by day). He is pretty much in charge after 5:30. He balances working with students, mentoring new consultants, and closing down the Center every night. Mike's background is in history and education, so he can offer insight from a variety of perspectives.

Mark has a background in theater and kind and welcoming disposition. He can always cheer up a sad student or calm down an anxious one. Gentle and patient, he can always be called upon to assist a difficult student. He teaches English and Public Speaking at another college as well. In his spare time, he is a director; he works on a play or two each year.

Emily is another fiction writer, a snappy dresser, and a charismatic personality. She teaches in the English Department--both writing-intensive and non-writing-intensive courses. Emily brings her energy to everything she does in the Center. She is always cheerful and can change the attitude of a whole room just by entering it.

Alex is fairly new to the Center, having started just last semester. He, too, writes fiction, and he teaches composition in the English Department. Alex's sense of fun has served him (and us!) well at the Center. He is polite and respectful with students, but he's not afraid to let his quick wit come through. He's always ready to work with a walk-in student or run a last-minute workshop.

Juan started with us this semester, and it looks like we may not have him for long! A recent college graduate, he is looking into PhD programs for the fall. Juan is bilingual--Spanish and English, which is a big help, since we have a large Hispanic population. He has taken to the Center immediately and is now requested by students on a regular basis.

Ros too, is new this semester, and she is also a fiction writer. Ros also has a background in ASL. In the past she has worked with hard of hearing and deaf students, serving as an aid to their learning. She is knowledgeable about ADA compliance, and we frequently ask her how we can be more attentive to students with disabilities of any kind. She has just begun working with students, and she seems to be a success!

Nelson is our newest member. He began at PCCC teaching Basic Skills and working in the Reading/Writing lab. He still teaches Basic Skills and college-level English, and now he works with students in the Center. Because of his intimate knowledge of the support lab processes, he is the one we turn to when a Basic Skills student comes by with questions. If we can't answer them, he usually can.

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