February 6, 2012

Writing Center Workshops

Spring workshops have started!  Last week the Writing Center ran “Introduction to the CWE.” This workshop was intended for students who had never taken the CWE, but wanted to know how to start preparing for it.

This week’s writing workshop will be “Attacking the Question.” It will teach students how to attack an essay starting with the question. It will show students how to decode "professor speak" in order to figure out what's really being asked of them and help them to formulate and organize an answer. This workshop will be useful to students taking the CWE to work out exactly what a question is asking and how to go about answering it.

The “Attacking the Question” workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 7 at 5:40 and again on Wednesday, February 8 at 1:10.

Survival Grammar is back every Monday at 1:10 and again at 4:30! This workshop will begin with a grammar lesson and continue with interactive exercises to help students improve their grammar. A different grammar topic will be featured each week.

All workshops are held in the Writing Center located in A113.

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