July 15, 2010

Fall 2010 Writing Intensive Courses For Registration

Students at PCCC in A.A., A.S. or A.A.S degree programs have a graduation requirement to pass with a "C" or better two writing-intensive courses prior to graduation. (Click here for specifics on requirements)

The following courses are Writing Intensive (WI) sections available for the fall 2010 semester. All WI sections are limited to 25 students, so register as early as possible.

AE-101-OL1 Appreciation of Art Thoubboron
BS-102-ME1 Biology II Greidanus
CT-101-WE1 Critical Thinking Hillringhouse
EN-205-M02 Intro to Literature Redman-Waldeyer
EN-205-OL1 Intro to Literature Klopfenstein
ENS-106-M01 Public Speaking Risher
HI-101-ME2 Western Civilization I Brozyna
HI-101-OL2 Western Civilization I Jenkins
HI-102-W02 Western Civilization II Drakulich
MU-106-OL2 Appreciation of Music Ayala
PH-101-M02 Intro to Philosophy Fruncillo
PL-101-ME1 Intro to Political Science Getso
PS-101-ME2 Intro to Psychology Termanini
PS-101-OL3 Intro to Psychology Cianci
PS-101-P02 Intro to Psychology Page
PS-101-W03 Intro to Psychology Murphy
SC 104-M01 Environmental Science Baranowski
SO-202-M01 Cultural Anthropology Burkart

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