July 28, 2010

Using LibGuides

LibGuides is promoted as Web 2.0 for the library, but many users, including PCCC, are using it in ways that go beyond the virtual or physical walls of the library.

LibGuides is a Web 2.0 content management and information sharing system. There are now over 400 institutions worldwide using LibGuides to create content, share knowledge, and connect with students and patrons.

When we first started using the service, I posted on another blog about educational technology and that post has over 20,000 hits, so there is interest in this beyond PCCC.

We purchased a license because we specifically wanted to have each of the 20 Gen Ed courses we are redesigning for the Initiative use a LibGuide.

What we like about this tool is that it a very easy web design tool that also allows for easy collaboration (through accounts). Each of our courses will have at least one faculty member who is teaching the course as a lead editor, and at least one librarian or subject matter expert as an editor.

We also have guides for the Writing Initiative, the Writing Center at PCCC, eTutoring, portfolios and other Intiative-related services and topics.

But the LibGuides have actually found huge buy-in from the PCCC community outside the Initiative.

The ESL department and just about every other department has been creating sites for courses and to supply information to full-time faculty and adjuncts. We also have college committees and student services who are using Guides.

This "ripple effect" into the larger community has been a very positive feature of the Initiative's professional development offerings.

A LibGuides Intro from Springshare on Vimeo.

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