July 12, 2010

Tech Tips for Teachers

The Learning Network at The New York Times published a good article on "Tech Tips For Teachers: Free, Easy and Useful Creation Tools."

These tools can help students visualize texts with tools like Wordle, Tagxedo or The New York Times Visualization Lab, create timelines using  Xtimeline, Time Glider or Timetoast and design presentations that go beyond PowerPoint using things like Glogster.edu and Museum Box.

For prewriting, mind maps on paper, and now electronically, are popular idea-processing tools. Their use was popularized by the British IQ specialist Tony Buzan starting in the 1960s.

Bubbl.us, CoSketch.com and Cacoo are good starting places that also allow collaboration by student pairs or groups.

Of course, students can also use The Times for generating ideas on many topics across disciplines from math to fine arts.


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